About RED

Hull Red started in 2005 running a nightclub for adults (18+) with learning disabilities to enable them to go out and meet friends in the evening, listen to live music, make new friends, build social networks, form relationships and have fun.

People with learning disabilities can sometimes feel socially marginalised, lacking opportunities that others take for granted to go out, go to music events, meet people and find a partner. Among those able to talk about their hopes and ambitions, the nightclub setting was frequently identified as somewhere they would like to be able to go, to have the same social opportunities as other people.

The first night in November 2005 was attended by 278 people. Since then Red has become a regular fixture, running 4 times each year with themed nights for special occasions like Valentines Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and of course, Christmas.

Hosted in Hull University Students’ Union and supported by a team of volunteers, it features the best local covers bands and DJs keeping everyone’s feet, or wheels, on the dance floor from 7.30 – 11.30 pm.

Red has also organised workshops in dance and DJ skills culminating in performances at the nightclub. We plan to run more workshops in various artistic fields to further develop social opportunities and skills.

Our next event

It looks like we haven't added our next event yet, watch this space!

Support Hull Red

Golden Giving is a fantastic, secure way to donate to Hull Red, helping to support us in our work with people with learning disabilities.